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For any corporate outfit, running or participating in events is a crucial step towards business outreach in terms of networking with your current or potential clients, internal colleagues or investors. It’s a gathering defined with a purpose of opportunity, growth or even celebration. As event management is one of the hardest jobs in the world, you need specialists who can convert your thoughts to centerpieces with events or exhibitions that bring people together to drive opportunities for success.

With Gulf Events, we can help you build events that drive your business goals, as we specialize in transaction oriented events and help build a foreground for communities or individuals to connect. With Dubai Career’s fair, which has become a trophy for our track record, our specialists can tailor your events to meet your needs or requirements while maintaining high standards with minimized cost.


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Season 2 is here and we are inviting pitches! The equity room opens its doors to an ultimate startup reality show like no other. If you have a solid pitch, the investors will fund your business. Can you make it out alive?

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The DeLorean of Marketing

The DeLorean of marketing is an opportunity to revitalize marketing tactics and build strategic relationships to revolutionize the industry as a whole

Ecommerce MeetUp Logo

The Dubai E-commerce MeetUp aims to address the most pressing issues the community is experiencing, with the goal of enlightening and providing solutions with the help of the industry’s brightest and most seasoned figures.

Dubai Tours & Travel Agencies Meetup is an event designed to share knowledge about Expo 2020 specific to travel and tours companies.

Eminent leaders and experts of the investment ecosystem will test the startups’ limits and only the brightest idea will survive!

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